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I have been grooming for more then 25 years. My career has spanned from Portland OR where I went to grooming school then was hired as an instructor and taught at the school for 2 years. I moved back home to Seattle WA where I worked at a veterinary clinic as a groomer for 10 years before opening my own grooming salon. My husband and I moved to Duluth in 2009. We had our son, Charles, and I had the great fortune to work for Susan at Dogs in Harmony until she closed in 2015. At that time I decided I wanted my own shop again. I wanted a shop that was warm and peaceful, clean and welcoming. As well as offering professional grooming services, I wanted a place where anyone who wanted to bathe their own dog, would have a clean, well supplied place to go, without waiting for an appointment. Sometimes those pups just get a little stinky (or roll in the mud, or get sprayed by a skunk.....) and not much is worse then having to wait two weeks or even two days to get a bath, except maybe having to do it in your own tub at home!!

My tubs are raised, clean and professional bathing tubs that can hold any size dog from a tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest St. Bernard you've ever seen. I strive everyday to make sure all my clients, people and animals, feel comfortable and taken care of while they are here.

I use all natural products, tear free and hypo-allergenic. I have available a variety of others, depending on the need. If there is a medicated shampoo your vet has recommended, feel free to bring it in.

I love my family and my life here in Duluth. Come on in and say hi. All are welcome.

Kimberly Rines


 I love dogs, cats and animals of all types. I believe our pets are members of our families and should be cared for like it.  I also believe that a good bath and brush out can make your pet feel loved and special. I look forward to meeting and caring for your furry family member.


I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Trouper! He is a charming little yellow lab who will steal your heart! If you want to say hello, he loves treats and snuggles. 

We lost our beloved Skully to cancer. We love her and miss her everyday. 


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