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The Grooming Shack offers a full service, professional grooming salon as well as a fully stocked and sanitized do-it-yourself dog wash.


The do-it-yourself is on a first come, first serve basis.  It is $20 and includes everything you need to clean your dirty dog. Shampoos, brushes, combs, ear cleaner, rubber apron to keep you dry, blow dryers and as many towels as you need. Just bring your dirty dog!! The bigger the mess, the cleaner the dog. There is a multiple dog discount. Nail trims with the do-it-yourself are $5.

Please call for an appointment for nail trims, same day and next day appointments are usually available for this service. They are $10 for clipping, $15 for Dremel 

Full service grooming is by appointment. At this time we are not taking new clients for full service pets requiring hair cuts but call and ask about bath and brush out dogs!! Limited availability. Prices vary by breed, size and cut style. All full service grooming include a bath with all natural, tear free shampoo, brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning  and hair cut or tidying of feathers. We have a variety of shampoos to benefit your pets skin and scent from oatmeal, hypo-allergenic, deep clean, tea-tree and even skunk shampoo!!

Long nails
Dirty dog
Over grown and hairy

 Nail trims $10

Dremel $15

Do it yourself dog wash $20 

No appointment needed!!

At this time we are not taking on any new clients requiring haircuts. Call about bath, nail trim and brush out availability

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